Danny Grant speaking at a Yacht Symposium & Job Fair
Danny Grant speaking at a Yacht Symposium & Job Fair
Diana Hanford taping a client segment at Clear Channel - 610 WIOD
Diana Hanford taping a client segment at Clear Channel – 610 WIOD
Noelle Robillard, Chris Pierson and Lexi Robinson at Free Cone Day in Vermont
Noelle Robillard, Chris Pierson and Lexi Robinson at Free Cone Day in Vermont

Here’s Our Story

Pierson Grant Public Relations has grown and prospered by delivering measurable results and outstanding service to our clients. That’s what distinguishes us from the competition.

Founded by Maria Pierson and Jane Grant in 1995, our 16-person agency provides a sophisticated level of thinking forged by working with visionary business leaders at top companies nationwide. Our agency account executives at every level are chosen for their knowledgeable approach to public relations, intelligent thinking, awareness of current events and industry trends, and commitment to exceeding client expectations. We encourage them to get involved and become leaders in organizations that promote their professional development and enrich the quality of life in their communities.

As skilled publicists, we maintain strong working relationships with reporters from print, broadcast and online media covering all beats. We know how the media work and fulfill their need for timely, relevant stories on our clients’ behalf.

On the digital front, the director of digital strategy for our High Impact Digital division is an early adopter with deep understanding of web-based platforms and best practices for engaging communities of customers and stakeholders using social media. He creates the appropriate social media strategies for clients to connect with their target audiences. Our digital team also provides full-service website development.

One member of our professional staff is fully dedicated to generating coverage in Spanish language media throughout the Americas, considering the growth of the U.S. Hispanic population as well as the importance of Central and South American markets to some of our clients.

Serving clients in the global marketplace, we are proud members of IPREX, a carefully chosen network of outstanding, independent public relations firms in more than 100 cities worldwide. This collegial association helps us provide high caliber work with on-the-ground representation across a spectrum of industry sectors for clients in remote markets around the world.

When it comes to managing crises or troublesome issues, senior members of our staff have earned a reputation for providing knowledgeable counsel to companies, organizations and municipalities. We have a track record of success in managing media inquiries, crafting messages and presenting the most effective tactics for mitigating the impact of challenging situations. On the advocacy front, we have worked on major statewide amendment campaigns as well as local initiatives in support of businesses and municipalities.

We specialize in outstanding service, leading-edge thinking, flawless execution and measurable results for clients in many industries, both nationally and regionally. Our esteemed clients include restaurant and hospitality companies, marine and luxury lifestyle businesses, real estate developers, financial institutions, healthcare providers, arts organizations, community services, professional associations, arts and educational organizations, and companies introducing new products and technology.

Considering all the different methods that people have at their fingertips for consuming information these days, a “one-size-fits-all” approach to influencing ideas and behavior won’t do. That’s why we typically recommend a multi-pronged strategy comprised of the ideal combination of publicity, social media, special events, community relations, industry involvement and marketing.

The work we do on behalf of our clients has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Silver Anvil Award of Excellence, Clarion Award, FPRA Dick Pope All-Florida Golden Image Award, National Marine Manufacturers Association “Best Social Media” award and numerous others over the years.

We hope that gives you a glimpse of our professional capabilities and our passion for excellence. We invite you to contact us and find out more at info@piersongrant.com or (954) 776-1999, ext. 222 or 224.