Wise counsel is the first step in mitigating the impact and moving beyond challenging issues.

Issues Management

News travels far and fast in the digital age, with information shared instantaneously via social media. Crisis management requires a multi-pronged approach to protecting a brand’s reputation and leading the organization to a quick and effective recovery.

The midst of a crisis is not the ideal time to begin formulating the best plan for communicating with all the organization’s stakeholders. The key to effective rapid response is having a current crisis management plan in place.

Companies, non-profit organizations, municipalities and individuals call upon Pierson Grant to prepare and update crisis management plans before a crisis hits. Our pre-emptive approach is like an insurance policy, assuring that you will not be scrambling to gather the information you need in the midst of a crisis.

Should you find yourself embroiled in a difficult situation and in need of expert advice and implementation, our experienced professionals jump in and provide the most effective crisis communication and media management solutions. Whether the crisis is a result of product, system or human failure, or even a natural disaster, we will keep our role confidential as we provide thoughtful counsel and effective strategies to control the message and move on as quickly and effectively as possible.